Servo Control Engineer

Job Location
This role is based in Overview’s head office in Woking, Surrey.

Reports to
Lead Servo Motor Engineer

Overall Purpose
Electromagnetic design and control engineering are key capabilities in the organisation’s product roadmap. This new position has been created to support business growth and the expanding portfolio of our intelligent direct drive servos.

Key responsibilities

  • Specify, design, simulate and validate new control algorithms for agile and precise position control of PMSM motors
  • Support the development of new sensing and estimating algorithms and their evaluation and use in control systems
  • Embrace innovation to deliver novel concepts and products
  • Provide well-documented designs, code and models to support research activities and subsequent productionisation
  • Identify and recommend suitable techniques, technologies and suppliers to achieve appropriate cost/performance trade-off
  • Support project management in the generation of plans, estimates and risk mitigation strategies and timely status reporting

Personal Profile

Qualifications, Education, Personal attributes and Previous Experience Required


  • Degree qualified in a relevant discipline
  • Demonstrable initiative, innovation and strength in problem solving
  • Detailed knowledge and experience of controlling PMSM motors or similar systems
  • Competent understanding of electro-magnetics affecting the motorcontrol
  • Experienced in the simulation of the electronic/electrical power, drive and control circuitry for PMSM motors or similar and field-oriented control
    Strong mathematical skillset
  • Experience with modelling tools such as Matlab, Matlab/Simulink, Matlab/Simscape
  • Strong written (technical reports) and verbal communication skills
  • Demonstrable experience in harnessing novel concepts and topologies for cheaper mass production machines
  • Experienced with different types of control, estimation and observer methods related to motor control


  • Post graduate qualification (e.g. MSc/PhD)
  • Experience with electro-magnetic analysis tools, such as Ansys-Maxwell
  • Experience with low speed, high torque motors
  • Experience in the development of embedded software
  • 5 years of experience in industry
  • Experience in capturing and deriving technical requirements
  • Experience in validation/verification processes
  • Customer/stakeholder engagement

Personal Attributes

  • Inspired by Innovation, happy to experiment and learn
  • Enthusiastic, driven to deliver
  • Works on own initiative when needed
  • Methodical and meticulous
  • Team player

Our Profile

Why work for us?

  • Overview is an exciting, growing company committed to excellence and innovation.
  • We greatly value the hard work, ingenuity and integrity of our team.
  • We provide an environment for rapid personal development.

Our values

Overview’s operations and reputation are based on the following company Values and Behaviours. These Values and Behaviours, consistently applied, make us what we are and are a key element of the value that we bring to our customers.

  • Customer Focus. We support and protect the interests of our customers. We listen to our external (and internal) customers and focus relentlessly on exceeding their expectations.
  • Integrity and Respect. We shall treat all our team, our customers and our supply chain partners with integrity and respect. Through honesty and a shared approach to addressing the inevitable challenges faced, we strive for long-term relationships. We make commitments that we meet.
  • Fact based Management. We conduct ourselves in a culture of fact based management that rewards an objective, professional leadership style, encouraging the constructive discussion of opposing points of view that are grounded in facts, regardless of who generates them.
  • Creativity and Innovation. Overview understands that our strength comes from valued innovation. Our core mission includes offering creative solutions covering technical, commercial and operational aspects of our business.
  • Continuous Process Improvement. We embrace a culture of continuous and relentless improvement in both what we do and how we do it, through incremental steps. We consolidate each gain, prove its sustainability and move on to the next. We have a passion to win and a determination to succeed.
  • Responsibility for a Sustainable Future. We recognise the need for an environmentally conscious operation and we conduct business at all times in a manner that enables our team and all those we interface with to enjoy a safe and healthy quality of life that balances the work / life equilibrium.