Compact, Smooth and Accurate Motion for Advanced Sensor Positioning


Miranda retains the innovative architecture that Servotorq is renowned for, combining highly efficient BLDC motors, advanced controllers, high-performance servos and precision rotary position encoders into perfectly integrated, direct-drive packages, complete with I/O and communications interfacing.

With a wide dynamic speed range of between 0.05°/s and 720°/s, Miranda’s integrated drive control electronics and software provide closed-loop servo control, delivering velocity and acceleration control. Miranda also provides rapid and precise positional control, with 0.007° repeatability and zero-backlash, advanced sensor technology. It is robust and reliable, supporting wide-ranging environmental conditions.

Developed to meet the evolving challenges of Overview’s customers, Miranda fills a torque gap within the Servotorq family and delivers a peak torque of 1.0 Nm. Miranda’s compact footprint and low power consumption offer integrators a compelling solution for simple installation and cost-effective use in a range of applications including PTZ mechanisms, robotics and more.

Wide dynamic speed range

Rapid and precise positional control

Near silent operation

Integral Digital Signal Processor (DSP) based motor controller

PCBA connections conveniently arranged for use in a pan/tilt camera product

Configurations to provide continuous or limited rotation as required

Hollow shaft for slip ring integration

Uses Servotorq™ technology

User-configurable gains and accelerations

Firmware can be upgraded in the field
Speed range 0.05°s¯¹ to 720°s¯¹

Positional accuracy to 0.007°

Produces a torque of up to 1Nm

Maximum radial load is 1900N

Maximum axial load is 475N

Integral drive control electronics and software provides closed loop servo control with full velocity and positional functionality

Optional integral motion end stops

Nominal voltage is 24V DC

Temperature rating for standard operation -40°C to +75°C

Weight is 570g

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