Brand New Architecture designed for Lower Cost Solutions

The Juno™ iBLDC intelligent drive motor is the latest addition to the motor family offered by Overview. Juno has been designed from the ground up and benefits from customer feedback when used in various real world applications.

Juno is slightly smaller in physical size than Titan and Leto yet still uses Overview’s Servotorq™ technology. The firmware utilised is the same as all the other motors in the range so enabling simplified implementation across different applications.

Juno has been designed for implementations where high positional accuracy is not essential but smooth, silent and market specific positional repeatability is. Therefore Juno is ideal for Video Conferencing and covert PTZ camera solutions, amongst others.

The motor torque on offer is similar to that of Titan. Juno utilises different encoder feedback technology, in this case Hall effect, instead of an optical based system used in the three other motor variants on offer.

When compared to Titan, Leto and Atlas, Juno’s main benefit is that when all the technical features outlined above are combined, Overview can position Juno at a price point lower than currently on offer by its three siblings.

Wide dynamic speed range – 0.1°s¯¹to 300°s¯¹

Rapid and precise positional control to 0.1° resolution

Near silent operation

Integral Digital Signal Processor (DSP) based motor controller

High level control commands fed through a simple, 2-wire I²C bus

PCBA connections conveniently arranged for use in a pan/tilt camera product

All control and drive components are contained within the 54mm diameter by 19mm package

Configurations to provide continuous or limited rotation as required

Hollow shaft for slip ring integration 8mm diameter

Uses ServoTorq™ technology

User configurable gains and accelerations

Firmware can be upgraded in the field.
Speed range 0.1°s¯¹ to 300°s¯¹

Positional repeatability to 0.1°

Produces a torque of .04 Nm

Maximum radial load 102N

Maximum axial load 19N

Integral drive control electronics and software provides closed loop servo control with full velocity and positional functionality

4 wire external interface for power and serial communications via I²C, motors can be daisy chained

Optional integral motion software end stops

All control and drive components are contained within the 54mm diameter by 19mm package

Operating voltage range is 9.6V to 13V DC

Temperature rating for standard operation -20°C to +70°C

Weight 96g

The iBLDC Motors Product Information Sheet is available from Documents Download.

Further documents are available under Partner Resources.