Turnkey PTZ Solution using Titan, Leto or Atlas iBLDC Motors

Precise, ultra-smooth and silent, Overview’s iBLDC positioning mechanism utilise Titan™, Leto™ or AtlasiBLDC motors to provide a turnkey PTZ solution ideally suited to the needs of CCTV, broadcast or Video Conferencing applications.

With integral intelligence, a closed loop servo with velocity and positional control and a precision positional feedback encoder packaged with each motor the iBLDC Positioning mechanism provides a highly compact and yet fully featured direct drive PTZ unit.

Rapid and precise positional control to 0.005° accuracy

Wide dynamic speed range – 0.05°s¯¹ to 720°s¯¹

Silent operation

Integral DSP based motor controller

Single piece die-cast aluminium chassis with optional integrated tilt end stops

High level control commands fed through a simple, 2-wire I²C bus

PCBA connections conveniently arranged

Hollow shaft for slip ring integration to support continuous rotation

Configurable servo gains and accelerations

Firmware can be upgraded in the field

Configurations available to support compact and full size zoom block cameras

The iBLDC Motors Product Information Sheet is available from Documents Download.

Further documents are available under Partner Resources.