• Hydra Uno - Ruggedised PTZ CCTV Camera
  • Hydra Uno - Ruggedised PTZ CCTV Camera

PTZ Platforms Designed for Harsh Environments

Designed from the outset to support operation in harsh environments, the Hydra 3000 series of ruggedised PTZ surveillance platforms use technology new to and uniquely developed for the video surveillance industry. Hydra achieves outstanding and ultra-reliable performance in an immensely rugged housing manufactured from die-cast aluminium. Each axis is driven directly without intermediate belts or gears by Overview’s unique, direct-drive, integrated servo motors to give a previously unattainable level of positional accuracy, repeatability, wide dynamic range and smoothness – this results in military performance at commercial cost, with very long life and low cost of ownership.

Hydra is a highly flexible platform accommodating a range of HD IP cameras with up to 30x zoom. The integral adaptive illuminator covers at least 200m, and rotation is continuous in both pan and tilt.

The latest addition to the Hydra family, the Hydra 3000 is currently available with a single-camera, the Hydra 3000 Uno. Specifically developed with components that ensure its unrestricted use world-wide, including use in sensitive applications, the Hydra 3000 represents exceptional value to the end-user.

As standard, the Hydra 3000 Uno is available in white or black, with options for custom colours if required. A range of mounting accessories and umbilical
cables are available to facilitate installation.

Ruggedized die-cast aluminium IP67 rated housing

Single -amera enclosure – Hydra 3000 Uno

Incorporates Overview’s Servotorq, direct-drive integrated servo motor technology

Class beating positional accuracy and repeatability, no backlash

Continuous rotation in pan

Optional infra-red and white light illumination

Flat window with wiper

Corrosion-resistant fixings

ONVIF conformant, profile S, CGI API


Hydra 3000 Uno – single-camera enclosure

IR and white light illuminator


0.05 °/s to 360 °/s (both axes)

360° continuous rotation in pan

256 preset positions with repeatable accuracy of >0.01°

10 preset tours


Can be mounted upright or upside down

Uses industry-standard 4” PCD mount fixing

The Hydra 3000 Uno Datasheet is available from Documents Download.