Flexible Precision Positioning Mechanism Controllers

Embedded PTZ Controller Platforms

Socrates™ and Organon™ are embedded PTZ controller platforms specifically developed by Overview for the CCTV market and which are used extensively across the industry in a broad range of products.

These products control both Overview’s stepper motor and iBLDC Positioning Mechanisms plus providing low level control of a very wide range of COTS zoom camera modules covering SD, HD-IP, HD-TVI, HD-CVI, AHD and 4K. In addition to control, Socrates and Organon provide advanced On Screen Display (OSD) capabilities with multilingual functionality.

Can reside on a range of µControllers

Control through RS485 and UTC or Ethernet

Organon advanced OSD

Multilingual lingual menus

Alphanumeric password protection

250 preset positions, 100 preset tours, 4 one-minute joystick mimic tours

Comprehensive alarm options with timed masking

Real time clock titles

Organon offers 24 true spherical privacy patches