• Atlas™ Intelligent Brushless DC (iBLDC) Direct Drive Motor
  • Atlas™ Intelligent Brushless DC (iBLDC) Direct Drive Motor

Enhanced Integrated Servo Motor for Advanced Sensor Positioning


Artemis is the first product in Overview’s Servotorq II series of highly agile, second-generation, Integrated Servo Motors. Retaining all the advantages of the original Servotorq’s proven, direct-drive technology, Servotorq II features significant enhancements and performance improvements resulting from a new motor design, current vector control and a unique new control scheme making Artemis the ideal choice for products operating under autonomous control.

As with all Servotorq motors, Artemis eliminates the need for a separate servo motor, drive controller and cabling, combining BLDC motors, advanced control electronics, high-performance servos and precision rotary position encoders into a fully integrated, direct-drive, motion control solution. With a peak torque of 3.0Nm, Artemis delivers 50% higher torque than previous Servotorq motors, yet retains a compact footprint, making it ideal for integration into a wide variety of sensor pointing applications. Integrated drive control electronics and software provide rapid and precise positional control, with up to 0.0055° repeatability and true zero-backlash as well as closed-loop velocity and acceleration control with jerk limit. Artemis has a wide dynamic speed range of between 0.05°/s and 720°/s.

Servotorq II enhancements include:

  • OTBRC Servo Technology for exceptional servo performance
  • Simplified-Tuning
  • Power Protection & Diagnostics
  • Absolute Position Feedback
  • Expansion Connector
  • Magnetic Induction Braking
  • Designed for driving autonomous solutions

Artemis is directly interchangeable with the Atlas motor, making it ideal for existing integrators looking to enhance their positioning solution further.

Designed for agile positioning requirements of autonomous solutions

Delivers up to 3.0Nm of torque

Silent operation

Enhanced servo performance and dynamic control loop monitoring resulting in a stiff and fast control loop for precise trajectory tracking

Simplified tuning reducing integration times

Expansion connector providing additional GPIO and buses for customer-specific needs

Absolute Position Feedback, near instant start-up removes the need for magnetic alignment and zero-point calibration

Continuous or limited rotation as required

Hollow shaft for slip ring integration

Uses Overview’s Servotorq II™ technology

Produces a torque of up to 3Nm

Speed range 0.05°s¯¹ to 720°s¯¹

Positional accuracy to 0.0055°

Integral drive control electronics and software provides closed-loop servo control with full velocity and positional functionality

Optional integral motion end stops

Nominal voltage: 48V DC

Temperature rating for standard operation: -40°C to +70°C

Dimensions: Dia. 127.2mm (dia.) x  93.5mm (h)

Weight: 1.3kg

Maximum radial load is 550N

Maximum axial load is 550N

The Artemis PDF datasheet is available to download here.

Further documents are available under Partner Resources.