Overview Achieves the Higly prized BSI ISO 9001:2015 Quality Status

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Overview strives to achieve a world class presence in all areas that it operates. None more so that in the field of quality control management. Overview has been working hard on this and is delighted o announce that it has been successful in achieving this.

The British Standards Institute, BSI, ISO9001:2015 defines a set of requirements for a quality management system and a set of criteria which, if followed, can help and organisation improve its overall performance. The 2015 revision is the most up to date version and encompasses modern day principles for good business management.

The standard employs a process approach, which incorporates the Plan-Do-Check-Act (PDCA) cycle and risk-based thinking. Hence a well embedded, continually developed and improved set of processes can only help the fortunes of companies such as Overview. These processes are the bed rock on which Overview’s Business Management System is based.

The ISO9001 criteria is about seven elements that can affect quality on one way or another. These seven elements are Context, Leadership, Planning, Support, Operation, Performance, Evaluation and Improvement. The seven elements can and will influence Overview’s business now and in the future.

Overview cannot rest on its laurels for too long following this success, it now needs to do the same for the ISO14001 environmental standard, the audit of which is close at hand.

Paul Taylor, Quality Manager, said “I am delighted to hear that the British Standards Institute, BSI, has recommended that Overview is awarded the ISO9001:2015 certificate”, adding, ‘reaching this milestone is a key component of Overview’s in-house ongoing Business Management System strategy’.

For more information on this Press Release please contact Paul Taylor Quality Manager on +44 (0)20 8875 0984 or paul.taylor@overview.co.uk.

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