Defence Market

The performance and low SWaP (Size, Weight and Power) requirements of Overview’s unique iBLDC drive solutions have resulted in considerable interest and application in the Defence segment for use in ground, marine and aerial applications. Overview’s drive solutions provide highly cost effective commercial off-the-shelf solutions to many of the challenges of sensor positioning faced by systems integrators today. With experience of working in the defence sector and to defence standards, Overview is a perfect partner for low mass sensor positioning solutions.

Overview supports a number of customers addressing the defence market with its advanced OTI range of uncooled thermal cameras, which are used in surveillance and sighting systems.

Large rapid deployment units with three sensors

An example of Overview’s specialist Defence solutions is the three sensor large rapid deployment unit developed for desert operation for a Gulf state. The units incorporate visible long range; image intensified with a laser illuminator, and long range thermal sensors with integral cooling for the hot climate.

These rapid deployment units had specialised Overview designed Pan and Tilt drives units utilizing printed motor, carbon fibre housings and advanced encoders driving a digital servo. Data and a 40 amp supply were transferred over a unique power slipring. The solution used an absolute encoder fitted to the final drive and main bearings, which were formed from single wire race units capable of carrying several tons.