CCTV and Security Market

Overview has been involved with the CCTV and Security market for nearly two decades and its motors, drive mechanisms and complete camera platforms form part of many hundreds of thousands of PTZ cameras sold worldwide – by some of the best known brands in the industry. Overview knows this market very well and has focussed much of its R&D resources into solving issues that affect PTZ camera performance. Current developments such as iBLDC direct drive motors, distortion free domes and SkyView™ mechanical stabilisation have led or will lead to the development of market-leading cameras by Overview’s many OEM customers.

The introduction of the TitaniBLDC direct drive motor has had a significant impact on PTZ performance and reliability. Its compact size, silent operation and precise smooth motion has revolutionised camera design – delivering military performance and reliability at very low cost. Innovations such as TotalDrive™, an optimised Pan and Tilt drive package with PCB space for OEM customer electronics, allows for an extremely cost effective design and fast route to market. Visit the Technology section to see what other innovations are being developed for this market.