CCTV and Security Market

Overview has been an innovator and OEM within the CCTV and Security market for nearly two decades, from early PTZ cameras to today’s market-leading integrated servo motors,  Overview’s products provide advanced motion to many hundreds of thousands of leading professional CCTV and security cameras sold worldwide. Overview is proud to be a partner with some of the best-known brands in the industry.

Overview’s experience in this industry  has led to the creation of  innovative and cost-effective sensor pointing solutions which lead the market in:

  • Precision
  • Agility
  • Smoothness of motion
  • silence
  • Size, weight & power
  • Ease of integration

Products offered in the CCTV and security market include our range of  Servotorq Integrated Servo Motors enabling a range of leading PTZ cameras, through pointing mechanisms, to complete, integrated and advanced PTZ cameras such as our Hydra family.

The agility, precision and advanced motion control enabled by Overview’s integrated servo Motors and PTZ cameras result in products which are ideal for the demands of emerging AI enabled autonomous surveillance solutions.

Case Studies

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