Why Work for Us?

“Overview is committed to growth. We strongly believe that business growth will only be sustainable when built upon a vibrant, energetic and committed team that share in the company’s vision. We admire and seek out highly capable and truly passionate people, from all walks of life who will embrace our values and in doing so contribute to our continuous drive for excellence, innovation and customer service.

Overview’s team operates internationally and comes from a wide range of cultural backgrounds. Each member brings a unique and valued portfolio of skills and experiences which combine to make Overview a strong, creative, supportive and vital organisation in which to work. We strive to continuously grow and challenge the individuals who form Overview, without ever losing sight of the importance of having fun while we do so!

Does this sound exciting? Can you bring unique and complementary skills? Do you want to grow with Overview? Do your values align with ours? If the answer is yes to all these questions, then we should talk ….”

Graham Jones, CEO

Ethics & Values

Business Ethics

Overview is committed to ensuring that all its business and that of its partners and suppliers, no matter where it is conducted, is undertaken in a responsible, transparent, trustworthy and consistent way. Overview has a zero tolerance of corruption.

Overview Code of Values

Overview’s operations and reputation are based on our Core Values and Behaviours. Consistently applied, these make us what we are and are a key element of the value that we bring to our Customers – the key elements of our Code are listed opposite.

Core Values & Behaviours:

We support and protect the interests of our customers. We listen to our external, and internal, customers and focus relentlessly on exceeding their expectations.
We shall treat all our team, our customers and our supply chain partners with integrity and respect. Through honesty and a shared approach to addressing the inevitable challenges faced, we strive for long-term relationships. We make commitments that we meet.
We conduct ourselves in a culture of fact based management that rewards an objective, professional leadership style, encouraging the constructive discussion of opposing points of view that are grounded in facts, regardless of who generates them.
Overview understands that our strength comes from valued innovation. Our core mission includes offering creative solutions covering technical, commercial and operational aspects of our business.
We embrace a culture of continuous and relentless improvement in both what we do and how we do it, through incremental steps. We consolidate each gain, prove its sustainability and move on to the next. We have a passion to win and a determination to succeed.
We recognise the need for an environmentally conscious operation and we conduct business at all times in a manner that enables our team and all those we interface with to enjoy a safe and healthy quality of life that balances the work / life equilibrium.

The Overview Team

Overview is made up of a team with significant experience in the industries we serve and a determination to at all times exceed our customers’ expectations. We are a multi-cultural team focused on delivering the highest quality advanced and innovative products in which we take great pride.  We get a real kick out of delighting our customers and have fun while doing so!

Job Opportunities

Overview is always interested in meeting people with outstanding ability. If you would like to join our team and relish working in a forward looking, innovative and challenging environment, please forward your CV by email to: opportunities@overview.co.uk.

Human Resources Department

Overview Limited
Overview House
Kingswey Business Park
Forsyth Road, Woking
GU21 5SA
Email: opportunities@overview.co.uk

Work Experience & Internships

At present we do not offer work experience. We have a Summer Internship Programme open to Under/Post Graduates through a number of universities, details of which can be found on your universities’ vacancy page.

Recruitment Agencies

Recruitment agencies are respectfully asked not to send details introducing their agency or to send candidate details unless specifically invited to do so. Unsolicited agency emails to this address shall be deleted.