Enhanced features

Suitable for deployment worldwide

Exceptional value

We design, develop and manufacture high-quality motors that deliver unrivalled accuracy, speed control and silent operation, for use across a wide range of applications.

Our engineers also work hand-in-hand with customers to develop distinctive products that provide them a sustainable and profitable edge in their markets.

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Discover exceptional positional control
with Miranda, the latest addition
to the Servotorq family of
direct-drive, integrated servo motors

Servotorq - Driving your innovation!

Titan Motor

Unique intelligent brushless DC
motor technology

High precision

Smooth motion

Silent operation

Latest iBLDC motor with 60 times more torque than TITAN

Drives larger payloads

Highly accurate positioning

Silent, smooth & fast operation

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Sensor Positioning Technology

Overview Ltd. designs, develops, supplies and supports advanced sensor positioning technologies and products …find out about Overview

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