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Overview’s R&D team focus on new and innovative technologies to develop advanced and unique drive solutions and specialist sensors.  Our drive to apply advanced technologies to a commercial price point, enables Overview to provide customers with unique and differentiating products that are brought to market rapidly.

The company leads UK and international collaborative research programmes with academic and industrial partners to ensure that Overview and its customers will benefit from these emerging technologies.

Over the last two decades, the company has consistently developed market leading products – see History of Innovation.  Overview has developed many answers to technical difficulties, which allow the company’s OEM customers to offer outstanding, unique and differentiating products in exceptionally competitive markets.

Here are some of Overview’s current and future technologies and concepts:

Intelligent Direct Drive Motors
Distortion Free Dome Cameras
Advanced Image Stabilisation – SkyLine
Organon™ User Interface
Maia™ Concept Camera

Overview’s R&D team focus on new and innovative technologies to develop advanced and unique drive solutions and specialist sensors

Intelligent Direct Drive Motors

Leto MotorOne of Overview’s core technologies lies in a unique family of intelligent direct drive brushless DC (iBLDC) motors. The family of motors includes the Titan, Leto and Atlas motors which cover a range of power, torque and size.  The iBLDC family has been developed by Overview from the ground up specifically to deliver precise, smooth and silent drive for cameras and other specialist sensors. Overview is currently the only company supplying this advanced drive technology to OEM/ODM customers.

These iBLDC motors overcome some of the problems associated with stepper motors, which have traditionally been used to drive standard PTZ cameras. In demanding applications, stepper motors are often found inadequate in terms of poor accuracy, backlash and excess noise.  Steppers also require additional components such as unreliable drive belts and gears which add to design and manufacturing complexity and can cause unreliability and shorter operating life.

By contrast, Overview’s unique iBLDC motors use advanced technology based on state of the art magnetic modelling and highly accurate positional feedback. The motors deliver radically improved performance using fewer components in a smaller, more compact footprint making them easily incorporated into a wide range of products.  Direct drive eliminates all belts, gears, pulleys and reduces the number of bearings, which reduces the cost of assembly and improves reliability.

Titan motor – This is the smallest of the family and delivers a torque of .04 Nm.  It has a long history of proven reliability with over 50,000 produced.

Leto motor –  Leto is Titan’s athletic brother and produces a torque of .08 Nm by using Overview’s proprietary Servotorq™ technology while staying within the same foot print as Titan.

Atlas motor –  The Atlas is currently Overview’s most powerful motor and is able to deliver a torque of approx. 2.5 Nm – ideal for driving heavy duty, systems such as the Hydra™ PTZ.

We are actively designing new motors that will extend this range.


Totaldrive optimised Pan and Tilt drive package

TotalDrive is an optimised Pan and Tilt drive package with PCB space for OEM customer electronics.

This allows for an extremely cost effective design and the fastest possible route to market.

Distortion Free Dome Cameras

A difficulty facing dome cameras is that of distortion in the dome bubble. The camera does not normally look through the optical centre of the bubble and is unable to look upwards (above the horizon) without severe distortion. To address this, Overview launched the Limpet™ high-precision, wall mounted PTZ dome in 2012. Limpet was designed to have a small profile to blend into its environment and use a canted bubble. This minimised distortion and allowed the camera to look upwards.

Blackball concept dome with a completely spherical design.

The company’s new Blackball™ concept camera takes this design approach further with a completely spherical design. Protected as a registered design and patent pending, the Blackball takes the conventional dome bubble together with a hemispherical back shell and combines them with a canted split line.

This has two advantages – firstly the camera has a wide tilt excursion while looking all the time through the optical centre of the bubble to eliminate any distortion, and secondly all the internal fixings are part of the housing, cast or moulded in place. This simplifies assembly and minimises components; it is inherently very low cost and the units are relatively small.

Limpet high-precision PTZ dome

Limpet high-precision PTZ domes

Advanced Image Stabilisation – SkyLine

Taking advantage of the direct drive iBLDC motors, the company has demonstrated mechanical stabilisation solutions to eliminate camera shake and sway when units are mounted on flexible structures or moving platforms such as vehicles or ships. This is achieved by mounting the gyro directly in the integral motor electronics, providing a stiff system with excellent response.

Overview’s SkyLine stabilisation solutions enable significant improvements in bandwidth management in IP systems and stabilisation that allows the whole of the image to be used rather than wasting significant portions of the image as current electronic stabilisation systems do.

Customers are today successfully using stabilised iBLDC solutions for stabilised drive systems mounted on ships and under drones for military applications.

Organon™ User Interface

Organon™ User Interface

Organon is an advanced user interface that can be incorporated into a camera platform.

It allows the user to access the following features (Click on link to view Screen):
Video settings – half the screen will become frozen to assist selection
Programmable Motion Mask
Privacy cursor
Mosaic privacy patch
Colour bar
Customisable colours
Customisable character sets, graphics, logos and languages

Maia™ Concept Camera

Maia™ Concept Camera

Maia is a concept camera design that employs a unique camera sensor and comprehensive auto-focus algorithms plus the industry leading Organon user interface.

The algorithms can cover the whole or selected parts of the camera view and operate on both vertical and horizontal video data.

The camera is also able to take full PTZ control in conjunction with Overview’s iBLDC drives, meaning only the camera and two iBLDC motors inside a housing are required for a complete PTZ platform – a very substantial cost saving. This feature is covered under Overview Patent number GB2495105.