TotalDrive™ Integrated Positioning Mechanism

A Highly Compact and Cost Effective Positioning Mechanism

TotalDrive is an enhancement of the iBLDC Positioning Mechanism where the two motors have been integrated in a pair with a single set of intelligent DSP drive electronics driving both Pan and Tilt motors.

The TotalDrive mechanism is a highly compact and cost effective solution with the same performance and features as the Titan™ or LetoiBLDC Positioning Mechanism packaged in a very easy to integrate solution. The implementation shown has 120 cm² of free space on the pan PCBA to accommodate client specific, custom, electronics providing flexibility and very rapid time to market for new PTZ camera solutions.

Simple integration allowing reduced time to market
Wide dynamic speed range – 0.05°s¯¹ to 720°s¯¹
Precise positional control to 0.005° accuracy
Silent operation
Single integral DSP based motor controller driving both axis
Anodised single piece chassis for seamless integration with camera shroud
High level control commands fed through a simple, 2-wire I²C bus
Slip ring integration to support continuous rotation
Configurable servo gains
Firmware can be upgraded in the field
Space on main PCBA for OEM/ODM specific electronics