• Atlas™ Intelligent Brushless DC (iBLDC) Direct Drive Motor
  • Atlas™ Intelligent Brushless DC (iBLDC) Direct Drive Motor
  • Atlas™ Intelligent Brushless DC (iBLDC) Direct Drive Motor

High Positional Accuracy and Smooth, Silent Operation for heavy loads

The Atlas™ iBLDC intelligent direct drive motor is a larger variant of the Titan™ design and is the most powerful of the current iBLDC motor range.  Atlas has been engineered for applications that require a combination of high positional accuracy and repeatability as well as smooth and silent motion with a wide dynamic speed range. Applications include broadcast cameras and larger rugged weatherproof CCTV cameras equipped with illuminators. Atlas offers the same features as Titan including zero backlash and direct drive to each axis for the perfect pan and tilt solution.

The Atlas platform creates a standalone intelligent motor with integral low level motor control and integrated precision optical feedback. It is robust to external dynamic disturbances, especially impulses and vibrations.

Wide dynamic speed range
Rapid and precise positional control
Near silent operation
Integral Digital Signal Processor (DSP) based motor controller
High level control commands fed through a simple, 2-wire I²C bus
PCBA connections conveniently arranged for use in a pan/tilt camera product
Configurations to provide continuous or limited rotation as required
Hollow shaft for slip ring integration
Uses ServoTorq™ technology
User configurable gains and accelerations
Firmware can be upgraded in the field
Speed range 0.05°s¯¹ to 450°s¯¹
Positional accuracy to 0.005°
Produces a torque of up to 2.5 Nm
Maximum radial load TBC
Maximum axial load TBC
Integral drive control electronics and software provides closed loop servo control with full velocity and positional functionality
4 wire external interface for power and serial communications via I²C, motors can be daisy chained
Optional integral motion end stops
Operating voltage range is 42 to 49V DC
Temperature rating for standard operation -20°C to +70°C
Weight TBC
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